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The images of plundering rioters in the heart of the medieval city are deeply embedded in the minds of the citizens. Kings of Colors represents fraternization and beautification, to make ‘our city’ more beautiful. Therefore, creative director Jan-Henk van Ieperen, Frank Willems and Fleur Blom started an initiative to encourage shopkeepers in the inner city.

In consultation with the business association Hartje ‘s-Hertogenbosch and with the approval of the affected shopkeepers, some 15 local artists decorated the boarded-up shops in the center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch with brushes and spray cans to support the effected shop owners. ‘s-Hertogenbosch was frequently in the news in a negative way over the past week. With the positive initiative #UsingWallsToBuildBridges, we have shown that violence and destruction have made way for fraternization and embellishment.

Hoping the new artworks can be taken down soon and safety will be the norm again, these artworks will be auctioned. The proceeds will be divided among the participating shopkeepers.

Photo by Wim Roelsma.